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Translate your research into a clear and effectively written high-quality paper

Who will benefit with WriteWise?

WriteWise was inspired by and developed for young scientists entering the world of publishing papers, with particular focus on aiding non-native English speakers. The guided feedback of WriteWise will also help native English speakers and seasoned researchers to improve their papers and the writing process.

Young scientist. Get better at writing papers by learning how to do it.

Principal Investigators(Pls). Spend less time reading and correcting the manuscripts of your students.

Universities and Research Institutes. Improve metrics.

WriteWise Features and Benefits

Find out why WriteWise is the best educational and practical tool for writing papers.




Writing scientific articles is a difficult, time-consuming task


We make writing scientific articles enjoyable, reducing the time spent on this task


Little to no formal training


Learn through theoretical and practical training


Feedback that variables in quality and quantity


Get automatic, in-depth feedback for your writing

WriteWise eLearning Course:
providing in-depth knowledge and training

  • Learn the fundamentals of writing a paper
  • Gain detailed insights into the writing process - section by section, paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence
  • Get motivated to write papers!

WriteWise Software: providing in-depth automatic guidance and feedback

  • Be confident writing papers
  • Receive in-depth guidance and feedback for each section, paragraph, and sentence
  • Match your writing style to a specific high-impact journal

How WriteWise Works

Our research is materialized in the WriteWise software, which applies a unique combination of state-of-the-art machine learning techniques and functional discursive linguistics to academic writing.

Automatic feedback and recommendations
  • Improved writing quality for the entire manuscript (section by section)
  • Writing directed towards the selected journal’s focus and style